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In Search of Pretty Stamps

September 27 2017, Bureaucracy  and Daily Challenges We were seeking pretty stamps.  It seemed a simple  quest. Always before, we had gone into the corner post office, and said we wanted to bring back some pretty stamps for friends in … Continue reading

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Paris — City of Light

Paris, Ville Lumiere,  Tuesday September 26, 2017 I have always wondered how Paris got this nickname.  (Apparently one explanation has to do with Paris being the first European city to light its streets, with tens of thousands of gas lamps, … Continue reading

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Shopping Excursion in Paris

2017 blog 2, Monday Sept. 25 Shopping in Paris Travel and jet lag can try one’s mettle! Both of us were exhausted, probably from before we came to Paris. Result: the first little challenge wiped us out. After basically sleeping … Continue reading

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Trip to Montmartre – an Adventure on Parisian Buses

Unbelievably, in the whole 50 some years since I first visited Paris, I had never been to Montmartre. It felt like time to fill that gap! The tourist photos of Montmartre always make the area seem beautifully quaint – a … Continue reading

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September 21, 2016. Rhythm and Blues

September 21 2016. Rhythm and Blues Time is life.  Time is one of the essential variables in travel.  This time in Paris, as previously, our first days are consumed with shifting biological rhythms.  Unfortunately, jet lag becomes more challenging as … Continue reading

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The Land Where Left is Right – Sometimes October 8, 2015

The Land Where Left is Right – Sometimes Navigating jetlag and learning to walk safely down the street in a new place have a lot in common – confusion — especially with traffic circulating on the left side. In both … Continue reading

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Snow Day!!

Snow Day January 28, 2015 I remember waking in the morning, to the white of snow Outside the window — Mr. Frost’s designs inscribed inside the panes of glass. What a sense of wonder – the world has changed, Put … Continue reading

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History Lies Heavy

Last evening, we were strolling by the Luxembourg Garden, casually looking at the giant photos posted on the iron fence around much of the Garden's periphery. it was a massive exhibit celebrating the hundred year anniversary of World War I, … Continue reading

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Another Perspective on the Latin Quarter

Val de Grace and Port Royal. I'd heard of them, but as tourist attractions they're decidedly minor, so I have never actually spent time in this area. Nevertheless, it is our delightful home for a month. It's visually satisfying — … Continue reading

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Seventy Fourth Birthday

Seventy Fourth Birthday Jan 4, 2013 .  Looking down the strip of stores a ways, I hear sharp voices of two little girls; Five years old, and dressed in billowing skirts and sweaters, Outlined sharply in a shaft of light, … Continue reading

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