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L’amities — Friendship

It was a wonderful fiftieth Reunion — I thought I had missed mine when it coincided with my final retreat before being commissioned as an interfaith miinister in June, 2011. I realized when I had to give up that reunion … Continue reading

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L’Imprevisible — The unexpectable

The last three days, once we left Paris and got settled in Nancy, have been full of unexpected turns — one of the things that we should expect on trips, I guess. Fifty years ago, in 1964, I left this … Continue reading

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Jouant au “cache-cache” avec le temps

Like New York, Paris is a solipsism — totally self-involved, self-referential — a hyperactive collective act of navel gazing. In people's minds, nothing exists beyond its glorious borders. Yesterday was our last day, for this trip, in the capital. We … Continue reading

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Jours feries — holidays

OK — so today was the first of two back to back holidays — celebration of the end of World War II today and Ascension Day tomorrow, Thursday, Plus it's a school vacation. We were asking the hotel manager about … Continue reading

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tourist? Visitor? Things change…

Paris, Tuesday May 8, 2013 It still feels surreal to be here. But that's OK. Who says life has to make sense or be logical? I've still been thinking about attending that High Mass on Sunday at Notre Dame. Normally, … Continue reading

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le coup de foudre

That’s “Lightning Strike” in French.  It’s usually used to mean “I’m falling in love!”  “J’ai le coup de foudre!”  I’m in Paris for the first time in almost 40 years — a trip I’ve yearned to make again for all … Continue reading

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