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Trip to Montmartre – an Adventure on Parisian Buses

Unbelievably, in the whole 50 some years since I first visited Paris, I had never been to Montmartre. It felt like time to fill that gap! The tourist photos of Montmartre always make the area seem beautifully quaint – a … Continue reading

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September 21, 2016. Rhythm and Blues

September 21 2016. Rhythm and Blues Time is life.  Time is one of the essential variables in travel.  This time in Paris, as previously, our first days are consumed with shifting biological rhythms.  Unfortunately, jet lag becomes more challenging as … Continue reading

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Reconnecting I’m free! I’ve spent two days in vast, windowless brick boxes, Places of health care, with countless people Busy working on a multitude of tasks That assume a lack of health. Long, anomic halls stretch in all directions, Brightly … Continue reading

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Seventy Fourth Birthday

Seventy Fourth Birthday Jan 4, 2013 .  Looking down the strip of stores a ways, I hear sharp voices of two little girls; Five years old, and dressed in billowing skirts and sweaters, Outlined sharply in a shaft of light, … Continue reading

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Timescape Rev. Rosemary C. Hyde, Ph.D. September 16 2012   Leaving footprints on the virgin sands of time My soul  wanders, Seeking love as thirsting bodies pursue water . While captured in prismatic time and space My Spirit Spark suffers … Continue reading

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