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Notre Dame is Burning

Paris Burning?   Flames on Notre Dame… No … But there they are… The  roof alight — they say it’s wood.  Tower crumbles, Painful sight,  My heart weeps, thinking about a thousand years   of music, wars, tears, and worship.   … Continue reading

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What Would you do…

Learning the Truth Paris, April 9, 2019  What would you do differently if you learned that… There is no reality outside of what you think and feel? You need connection with others to create something together that all can experience?  … Continue reading

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Paris April 2019 For the first time, we’ve returned to Paris in less than 5 months, so-it all still seems familiar.  I‘Ve also been studying Paul Levy on Quantum Reality.  Strange,, for the first time I’m realizing that it’s possible … Continue reading

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Channeling Rip Van Winkle – in Paris

Arriving in Paris from the US has a Rip Van Winkle feeling to it… Continue reading

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Appreciating Lots of Things Including Feet!

Appreciating Feet!  Monday October 9 2017 This trip has been a lesson in how important it is to have working feet!  Being in a large city like Paris brings this necessity into high relief.  Doing anything or going anywhere for … Continue reading

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Exploring Fast Food in Paris

Fast Food in Paris Really?  Isn’t Paris the anti-fast-food location par excellence? It turns out that Paris is not immune to the influence of ever increasing numbers of tourists, or the onslaught of fads imported from elsewhere.  The post office … Continue reading

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St. Eustache — Old Church, New Music

September 28, 2017 .  St- Eustache – Old Church, Cutting Edge Music, New Awareness.   One of the pleasures of coming to Paris in the autumn is to be able to catch a couple of events in the Paris Autumn … Continue reading

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