When a thought enters my mind that pierces the surface of understanding to go deeper into the spiritual meaning of life, I like to share it here with whoever happens along — a shard of shared humanity, bringing compassion and appreciation for our shared spiritual path.

I am a “grandmother,” literally and spiritually. I do have two beautiful grandsons, Avery and Julian, ages 9 and 6 in 2013.  And at this point in my life, as a writer, spiritual counselor, classical homeopath, and interfaith minister leading an eclectic spiritual community that gathers at a center affiliated with Unity,  I am often called upon to nurture many others, most of them young enough to be my literal children or grandchildren.  I love the opportunity to do this, and find it deeply nourishing to my own spirit.

Thank you for visiting “Transcend-Essence.”  I hope you found here love and spiritual nourishment, and that you will return often.  I post only a few times a month, if that, so if you want to know when it’s time to come back, I invite you to subscribe or “follow” this site, and you will receive each new entry when it appears.

Thank you!

“Reverend Rosemary”

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