August 23 2012

As flowers seek the sun, I listen every day

To hear the caring little whispers murmured everywhere –

Telling me of Love unlimited, unfailing, unrestrained;

I hear the message in the soft caressing summer breezes,

In the night cacophony of tree frogs and cicadas,

In the sibilance of lapping waves  against the shore

And rustling leaves that live and dance in zephyr swirls.

I listen in my heart and hear the Love that sings to me

Its melody of blessings and of gentle smiles,

Its canticle of joy and opportunity,

Its carol of abundance.

When I remember how to listen,

I am bathed in radiant Spirit warmth.

I become at one with All, and am enfolded

Into deepest peace and ecstasy.




This is a poem about prayer.  Growing up, I always thought that prayer consisted of words — that prayer consisted of me talking.  After learning and practicing meditation, I began to learn that prayer really happens when I consciously experience the Divine.  Prayer is actually peace, love, bliss, peace.  I’ve learned to listen within and around me, and to know that I am praying — an ecstatic experience.


Prayer Suggestions:


  1. In a calm, natural place, relax into deep, slow breathing, and as you begin to expand into Spirit space, close your eyes and focus on listening to the sounds around you, all of which are whispers of the Divine, freely available to all who take the time to listen and appreciate.  Feel the gratefulness that wells up in your heart.
  2. Hear Spirit’s answers to your dilemmas.  Breathe slowly and deeply, relaxing gradually into the silence.  Silently, in the space within, form a question that is on your mind.  After asking the question, attune, in the silence, to the word that comes into your mind, or the feeling of turning toward or away that you feel in your body.  Don’t answer or dialogue.  Just stay attuned to your Inner Knowing which is the voice of Spirit.
  3. Feel your connection with other beings in the world.  If you are blessed to have sleeping companions, two-legged or four-legged, lie quietly for a bit if you waken in the night or when you awake in the morning, and attune to the sounds of breathing nearby – the breath of Shared Life.  Feel and appreciate the love that this proximity represents.

Rev. Rosemary C. Hyde is co-minister of Unity Center of Peace in Chapel Hill NC.  As a minister, she focuses on  spiritual counseling, life coaching, and holistic healing.  In addition to being an Interfaith Minister, she is a trained Pastoral Counselor and a Certified Classical Homeopath.

About Rev. Dr. Rosemary C. Hyde,

I am a grandmother, a classical homeopath, a mystical poet, and an interfaith minister. I also have a large, enduring place in my heart for Paris. I first spent time in Paris in 1961, as a Fulbright scholar. I remained in France for three years, living also in Toulouse and in Nancy. I have revisited France and Paris multiple times since then, and have come to know The city and surroundings quite well. I grew up in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, where there were many Franco-Americans, and their language fascinated me. I was fortunate in 6th grade, when my family moved, to find myself in a Catholic French speaking girls' school, where I had the wonderful fortune of becoming bilingual. It still feeds my soul deeply, to visit Paris, speak French, and reconnect with the little French girl in me. I am serving presently as President of the global online Peace Initiative called LivingPeaceNow.Org. We are bringing together worldwide in 3 languages — English, French, and Spanish— small groups of Connected Peacemakers to help deepen and hold Peace globally with their thoughts, words, and actions. My goal as a minister is to add richness to life for those who resonate to more than one religious tradition or to none -- those with mixed religions as well as the unchurched, untempled, and unmosqued. All of us, whatever our cultural allegiances, hunger for and need support in finding the transcendent joy that's ours to find in this earthly life. All of us need and want to celebrate beautifully the great and small milemarker moments. All of us crave the beauty of prayer as an expression of our participation in universal love. All of us wish to learn a greater vision, to see our lives opening to the Divine. All of us desire deeply to find serenity and peace that lasts no matter what happens today and tomorrow. This is the meaning of Transcendessence. We find the essence of spirit and transcend the narrow constraints of our bodies and egos. Join us today by subscribing, so you won't miss a single poem, message, prayer, or meditation. And for more varied and beautiful spiritual resources check out the Living Peace Now Facebook page and our website: http://LivingPeaceNow.Org.
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