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Concert at Notre Dame Cathedral May 22 2014

Concert in Notre Dame May 22 2014    I’ve been to Notre Dame, several times.  It’s large and imposing, and the detail of sculpture across its façade and around every Gothic door frame is amazing.  Last year, for some reason, … Continue reading

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Daily Pleasures

May 20 2014 Daily Pleasures We woke up today at a normal time – Yay!  After yesterday’s long walking around the Jardin des Plantes – several hours worth – we decided to “take it easy” today, which we’re enjoying.  Tomorrow … Continue reading

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The Abundance of Creation — Visiting the Zoo of Endangered Creatures at the Jardin des Plantes, Paris

Jardin des Plantes Paris, Endangered Guinea Hen             Jardin des Plantes, Paris, endangered Asian stork with month old chick.           Dejeuner sur l’herbe, Jardin des Plantes, Paris , 20 mai 2014 … Continue reading

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An Invitation to Mindfulness

Today, for the first time since arriving last Tuesday, we made it out of the house before noon — if only to attend an 11:30 am Mass around the corner. As the day went on, we actually had both lunch … Continue reading

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History Lies Heavy

Last evening, we were strolling by the Luxembourg Garden, casually looking at the giant photos posted on the iron fence around much of the Garden's periphery. it was a massive exhibit celebrating the hundred year anniversary of World War I, … Continue reading

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Another Perspective on the Latin Quarter

Val de Grace and Port Royal. I'd heard of them, but as tourist attractions they're decidedly minor, so I have never actually spent time in this area. Nevertheless, it is our delightful home for a month. It's visually satisfying — … Continue reading

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Paris 2014 May 15 Thanks to Guardian Angels!

We got here! I don't ever want to come through JFK again. I remember this same kind of thing happening at JFK once before — we arrive and, to continue our flight, have to change terminals. This meant going outside, … Continue reading

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